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The company

“Stemafiltessuti” is a young and creative company with the spirit of dreaming and to make you dream.

Our company has evolved in the textile sector starting from yarn processing, working for many important woolen mills of Prato.

The role of executor of ideas of other persons became a little bit constrictive for our company. So the owner of the company, Stefano Guarducci, decided to enter the world of textile trade.

The trade of fabrics for apparel Prêt-à-porter and high fashion is our core business.

Ongoing research and the intense passion and curiosity for the complex and fascinating world of textiles, have led the staff to broaden our horizons and start its own production of high-quality fabrics, thus creating a small and exclusive collections for customers who are increasingly demanding, sophisticated and attentive to latest fashion trends.

Stemafil di Guarducci Stefano - P.iva: IT01956220972 - CF: GRDSFN66P15D612P

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